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Floyd Mayweather Offers $15 Million to Fight Coner McGregor

by Malachi Weaver

Floyd Mayweather has offered Coner McGregor $15 million USD and a cut of the pay-per-view for the potential crossover fight. The 39 year old boxer is responding to McGregor’s demand of $100 million from last year. Mayweather, who recently retired from boxing with an undefeated 49-0 record, told ESPN that a fight with McGregor was the only thing that could bring him back to the ring.

The two have been trading words and creating hype for the fight for months now. In December 2016, McGregor even got a boxing license in the state of California. After the ESPN interview, McGregor tweeted a picture with the caption, “call me C.J. Watson,” – namedropping the NBA player who allegedly had a relationship with the mother of Mayweather’s children, Josie Harris.

“I’m a businessman and it makes business sense,” Mayweather told ESPN. Everybody keeps talking about Conor McGregor. He’s blowing smoke up everybody’s a**. Dana White, the UFC, – let’s make it happen. Bring him over to the boxing world, and I’ll show him what it’s like.”

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