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Satoshi Fantasy Launches the World’s First Blockchain-Based Prediction Market for Fantasy Football Results

by All Things Sports

Satoshi Fantasy, LLC, a leading technology company and pioneer in distributed fantasy football, is proud to announce the launch of the world’s first prediction market for fantasy football results on the new Trading.Football platform.

Available now for free at https://trading.football/, Trading.Football’s revolutionary market intelligence is powered by the community’s action of projecting weekly point totals for more than 500 NFL players and trading those players on an open, gamified exchange. Satoshi Fantasy introduces blockchain technology to fantasy football for the first time, utilizing proven protocol to fuel the decentralized predictive market of Trading.Football. Player prices, stats and charts generated from Trading.Football are displayed in a streaming FantasyTicker that users can follow to receive the most accurate, market-driven intel in the fantasy football industry.

“All too often success in fantasy football is determined by luck. When faced with critical lineup decisions, your average fantasy player must either go with his or her gut, follow stale ranking lists, or painstakingly gather information from multiple paid services,” said Jay Berg, founder and CEO of Satoshi Fantasy. “Our goal is to disrupt the fantasy football industry by creating the first proven, decentralized prediction market for fantasy football. By combining cutting-edge blockchain technology with old-school efficient markets, Trading.Football becomes the first open, gamified exchange for buying, selling and hedging NFL player results for fantasy football. As a result, we’re creating a game that levels the playing field for fantasy football fans and giving all users a smarter way to make lineup decisions.”

Trading.Football is designed for all fantasy football fans, from experts to casual players. The platform’s foundation is made up of a Trader community that make projections on NFL players’ fantasy results, and based on the accuracy of their projections are rewarded tokens in the form of FantasyBits. Traders risk their hard-earned FantasyBits in an attempt to profit by buying when a player is undervalued and selling when a player is overvalued. The act of buying and selling with profit and loss, even on a gamified exchange, creates an efficient market, which generates an NFL player’s price that reflects all relevant information. Traders will now be able to demonstrate their raw fantasy skills by directly speculating on or against a fantasy football player’s production. Whether actively involved as a Trader or simply looking for the most up-to-date stats and values for football players, follow Trading.Football’s FantasyTicker at https://trading.football/ and receive automated tweets on market moves by following @TF_Ticker and @SatoshiFantasy.

Trading.Football utilizes blockchain technology to secure and verify the community’s projections and reach distributed consensus on NFL player results and FantasyBit rewards. FantasyBits are rare, with 100 FantasyBits minted for every fantasy point scored each week by NFL players. FantasyBits can only be earned with raw fantasy football skills, which is determined by Trading.Football’s groundbreaking “Proof-of-Skill” consensus algorithm. FantasyBits act solely as tokens on the Trading.Football platform and cannot be traded for real currency. The FantasyBit protocol was publicly announced Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season, and the initial software was released one year later on September 7th for Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season. The Trading.Football platform is built on open source software.

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